Top 10 Free Websites for Website Stats and Traffic Analyzing Tools 2013 list

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If you are looking for a website analyzer service, you want to consider how much traffic the site receives. Most of the services charge a number of page views per month. Here are the ten best fre websites for you, those can support at least 50,000 page views per month. It s possible to cover additional domain at a low cost.

Before going to select a website analyser service, you need to think about the reports you need. The service offers basic page, referrer statistics and visitor and track revenue and a few calculate campaign ROI. The service should report more through a free service. It can help you to monitor the discrepancies and frauds and it will provide a detailed page, technology statistics, and visitors to increase website traffic.

The service features hit counters, unique queries, email reports, multiple account management tool and click fraud reports etc.. the stats relate information are associated with campaigns and revenue. Coversions, calculate ROI and referrers arethe best service track campaigns. It also offers technical helps such as customer support through email, telephone or through comprehensive embedded help and it offers a user manual, 24/7 support and host active user forums.

  1. StatCounter

  2. 3DStats

  3. Lyris HQ

  4. OneStat

  5. ShinyStat

  6. HitsLink

  7. Web-Stat

  8. Opentracker

  9. WebTrends Analytics

  10. SuperStats

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