Top 10 People Who Are Popularly Mistaken As Atheists 2013 List

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This list is not against atheists. I don’t know if there is anything wrong in going an atheist, so don’t take any offense. I’m not a strong believer myself but I cannot standardize my stand inside the words which are agnostic and atheistic.

Mark Twain #1

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Mark Twain was never an atheist, even though I never personally met him – and I never shook his arm, I know that. Angry people defy god sometimes, that’s loss of faith, not outright atheism. I can’t call him agnostic either; his books never discussed blasphemy or incomplete questions about faith that was off point. Mark Twain, famous for his incredible humor sense and sometimes mistaken for his status in belief-o-sphere can never be called an accuser of faith. He just had a hard time and it kind of reflected in his celebrity life which went on to popularize along with hype in this stupid teen driven, change craving world.

Charles Darwin #2


Along with Dostoevsky, Darwin also asked that famous question himself –

“Why does god permit such torture?”

Though almost all of the people in this list had nothing to do with atheism even – this guy right here did it all and still kind of grew along carrying that little faith. Darwin had been thought kind of the king of atheism, when he released his famous revolutionary book, ‘On the origin of species’ back in 1859. It was called and referred to as the forefather of all biological and logical reasoning towards existence and creation. It was a book that had the courage to discuss the existence of creationist – without talking anything about a creationist. Darwin had loss of faith as he grew old, but as in the case of misinterpretation and his persona as the questioner, people never thought much about what he had to say about his belief outside his books, his books – which hardly showed anything about his personal stance. He was an agnostic; he never grew old enough to be a total atheist.

Albert Einstein #3

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‘What really makes me angry is that they quote me for support of their views.’

Einstein made it clear that he was never an atheist, and also not a pantheist. As a genius, Einstein had always been on the spotlight of the personal interest speak-able celebrities, meaning when these people say something even about their personal things – the world goes on and pins it a staple on the best stand on the particular topic possible. Einstein knew that being an atheist took too much time, to think about it day in and day out (dead personal topic, always) that he never thought much about the topic – and his quotes did reflect it.

Gandhi #4

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Gandhi immortalized the case of depth in human negligence and sufferings. He made it popular to the world that while we are on earth, we should attract humanity to make it a better place. All these doings, led to some speculation about his belief status – whether he believe in a definite deity/a particular arrangement or if he personally is all about controlling humans on the human level. Of course, with India being a country with different languages and much different religions, Gandhi couldn’t have made the support much far if he biased himself on a religion’s greatness and salvation.

Oscar Wilde #5

Oscar Wilde is my favorite brave author. He did stuff (actually wrote it) that at his time was considered ‘immoral’ (yeah, that’s what they called it). He discussed homosexuality in his books, notably his only novel, ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ and earned himself some notoriety and jail time. He was never an atheist (contrary to popular belief), but he was kind of a socialist. He was converted to Catholic Christianity in his death bed, maybe craving salvation or last minute pretentious relief.

Abraham Lincoln #6

“I can see how it might be possible for a man to look down upon the earth and be an atheist, but I cannot conceive how a man could look up into the heavens and say there is no God.”

Abraham Lincoln may be the most accused-of-atheism guy on this list. He talked about the subject pretty much, which often came to him as questions in many of his countless interviews. Lincoln was not an atheist, I wish he’d rather be a man to be considered as a skeptic – looking for logic inside faith and never opposing it and never spilling the personal opinion. Lincoln did believe of a grasp above the humans, maybe not god – but that doesn’t make him an atheist. Hell, it doesn’t even make him an agnostic – he was spiritual and that makes him something completely out of this topic which is vast and full. I don’t know what, no one does what all who all are.

Gautama Buddha #7

There is still a winding knot about Buddhism not having a definite deity. Well, if atheism is all about not having a definite god, then most Buddhists are atheists in the sense of that word. The direct translation of the word atheist gets us to ‘without god’ which doesn’t help since Buddhism is all about no gods – it’s all about human suffering and it’s kind of less superstitious when you match other religions with it. But let’s think like this – Buddha was never an atheist, simply because he never insulted a god, or gods simply didn’t matter much in his life. He never opposed any gods, religions or in any cases any kind of beliefs. Can we call a man who never denied or opposed the existence of god as an atheist? A non-issue pure born human being should be called an atheist for the fulfillment of that word meaning? I don’t think so, you can think different. And, and just so you know – Atheist in its ancient roots means Anti-religious and not anti god. The man found a religion, for god’s sake!

Stephen Jay Gould #8

Stephen Gould’s religious views had always been overlooked. He had a strong status as a biologist. As a man who wrote influential literature on it, he was always forced to reply personal religious views on almost every public appearance which included a question or whatnot. He in a way did question religion, because his job demanded it. But, it was a topic he went easy on personal level. He disposed god vs. science (or creationist vs evolution) questions answering the pros and cons of each – never really getting into his view on the subject. He didn’t object, that puts him on this list.

Christopher Reeve #9

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Superman had never been much on i-am-with-god path during most part of his life. He is popular in his own spotlight as one of the men Catholics try to make their own, claiming he was not an atheist. We all know that Reeve had a terrible accident and was left paralyzed for a good final part of his life. Then he became a Unitarian Universalist, which messed things even more because most UU’s were kind of believed to be atheists. He went public and made it clear that he believed in a personal god.

People ahead might change their religious views in the future, and may publicly announce that they are indeed atheists. Their inclusion in this list will be changed then.

Angelina Jolie #10


Explaining Angelina Jolie’s religious views are kind of complex. In one of the vanity fair issue interviews, she had said she bought a book shelf and filled it with variety of religious books, so that she could teach her kids morality and faith. She loved and had practiced Buddhism. Knowing all this, I still think it is only safe to say that her views on religion and god are not well documented and public. One thing we know is that she is not an atheist, and that she is spiritual.

Is atheism your thing? Let us know using the comment box below.

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