Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers

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Interviews are phobia for many in this world. Plenty miss out the best career opportunity due to lack of confidence and preparedness in the challenging conditions. But job interviews are actually not so difficult, as there are only some rules and regulations are to be followed. Focused preparations can boost your confidence in a significant manner. Here are the top 10 interview questions for you. These will help you to prepare well and also it will make sure that you do not give in to the nervousness during the interview.

interview question and answers

10. Why do you want to change job?

Opportunity with the new organization should always be included in the answer. The new learning scopes, the ideal platform you are looking for should be emphasized in your answer.

Never defame your previous organization in your answer. Your critics of your previous employer give a tremendous negative impression. Do not over emphasize on the salary during the interview.

9. How do you fit in the company culture?

The innovation culture is the most desired for any employer. For example, working on new ideas for employee management, fun activities to engage employees and many others are prominent ideas that you can talk about.

Ethics compliance is a must have culture for every organization. You should also include the security policy adherence in your discussion.

The world is changing every day and so is the technology. You should be clear and prompt on how you have managed to adapt situations like this in past. You can draw example of working in various domain and taking up multi responsibilities at the same time.

8. What you have learnt from your mistakes?

Mistakes are always acceptable when you learn from it. The answer can be framed like the following points.

  • You have become more patient for the solution.
  • Discussion with team mates and leads make the solution easy.
  • There is always an alternative solution.
  • Never succumb to the pressure.

7. What were your Job responsibilities?

The best possible way to answer the question is to relate your answer to the job position you are applying for. Your roles and responsibilities should be in accordance with the new jon position. You can always mold your responsibilities according the job specifications. But never isolate your roles from the offered job.

6. What are your expectations from new job?

The best way to answer the question is to show your keenness to learn and grow. The expectations should revolve around the job you have applied and should cover all the required specifications. It is advisable to include the company reputation in the answer to make it more interesting and appealing.

5.  How you managed the challenges in your job?

This is a question to check your temperament. The answer should include your contribution in the tough times. You should mention how you worked more and made changes in you working style in the difficult financial situation. You can always add the ability of taking multiple roles in challenging conditions of the organization.

4. What was your biggest achievement in the previous job?

The answer to the question is for judging your capability and you should be able to convey your dedication towards the deliverables. You can add the rewards and recognition that you have earned from your job in the answer. You should include your goal of learning, work first attitude and never fail to meet deadline attributes in the response.

3. Why should I hire you?

The answer to this question can determine the fate of the interview. You should be very carful while answering to this. The best way to respond is to pick up few key attributes that you are best in and present your candidature for the opportunity. Your important attributes include skills, attitude to work, zeal to learn, flexibility, motivation etc.

2. What is your strongest and weakest point?

This question is tricky and can go wrong sometime. But a wise answer could help you to overcome the situation. Your strongest point is the easier part and you can pick up any point from the key attributes to satisfy the interviewer.

But the weakest point is bit difficult. The answer of you do not have any weakness is absurd and won’t be believed by the interviewer. Sometimes people opt for hardworking nature and other similar stuff to avoid the question, but that isn’t helpful either. You should rather face the question and mention like you don’t get time to learn more outside your work or other such answers. You weakness is not going to harm you until it is a performance issue.

1. Tell me about yourself?

This is probably the most asked question and the first question asked in the interview. You should be able to catch the attention of the interviewer with the answer. You should start up with the educational qualification and gradually cover all the parts of your resume. You should not over exaggerate anything for purposes rather remain simple and straight on your details.

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