Top 10 Best Movie Trilogies Ever Made 2013 List

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The best movie franchises with 3 movies. Franchises like Terminator is avoided only because the plague of the third struck it (Rise of the machines? You should be kidding :D)

Star Wars #10

Later, i can only talk about this later. Later when I’m silly enough to be watching this great trilogy. I don’t know why I’m seeing this name in my list. Is this a delusion?

The Evil Dead #9

Raimi and Horror? No bloody way! This was what i thought about The evil dead series before i watched it (and after i watched the spider man franchise)

The Lord Of The Rings. #8

Overrated πŸ™ I’m putting this up here only for Percy Jackson and fans to see.

Rocky (Special Mention – The First 3 Movies) #7


Everybody i know love or hate rocky. Those ones who hate him haven’t seen the movie yet – but hates on it because it’s based on boxing (i don’t know where that comes from).

The Dollars Trilogy #6

dollars trilogy wallpaper clint eastwood

Clint Eastwood is most popular for his western movies, where he played cowboy with a gun. For the new generation who know him mostΒ  through his later iterations (and his directorial ventures) OR through the BTTF series – I’ll like to remind that he had a helluva past where he was a legend of sort.

Dark Knight (Batman Trilogy From Christopher Nolan) #5


No. I don’t need to explain it to you. It’s not serious enough. R.I.P Heath Ledger.

Toy Story #4


One of the most loved movie franchises, ever. The impact of toy story varied from frenzy effect on adults to giggling effect from girls (err Kids). Toy story is the king of all animation franchises out there (Yes, including Shrek) and flexes it’s muscles well when it comes to the quality analysis of the whole of the movies in a series. All of the movies were splendid, and particularly the third one (Yes, the one that was saved from the suck plague) made even the elders weep.

The Godfather #3


Incredible fabulous and Marlon Brando πŸ™‚ I plain loved the movie, and it’s forth comers (Yes, i even liked the 3rd one – I don’t know where the hate comes from). Me having read the book, as any reader will be, was partial about my tastes about it being a movie. Movies always screw up the book. This one is also not as great as the book was, but considering that movies were always not that depth rich as books can be, this point can be written off – just because of that.

Matrix #2


Believe, Neo. Considering the unavailability of power resources machines went ahead and built a colony where human are cultivated, to convert their body energy into electricity. But they have to lobotomize the body for that purpose. The mind? Yeah that’s in the Matrix. Matrix was broken down six times after it’s initial globalization. Neo will thwart it this time. His time is limited in 3 movies.

Back To The Future #1


Genius. Plain genius – that’s what this concept is. In my opinion, this is the most timeless of all movie franchises i ever had fortune enough to watch (Yeah I’m talking about money ). I wanted to be there when Back to the future III released. But, hell i wasn’t born πŸ˜€


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