Top Ten Stocks for 2013

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Investing in the stock market requires a great deal of uncertainties so you might as well consider the top ten stocks for your most important investment especially this 2013. Here, we have studied the top ten stocks in the world market giving you a better view on where to invest your hard-earned money. The analysis of the best stocks uses advanced mathematics to identify the expected risks and returns of a particular stock. The following are the top ten stocks for 2013 that you may consider:

1. BorgWarner

BorgWarner image
The year 2012 focused on housing stocks, but the year 2013 is more likely to focus on auto recovery and auto stocks. BorgWarner focuses on delivering lower engine emissions and fuel efficiency, which is a current trend in the market. BWA produces products such as turbochargers and dual clutch technology and in the year 2015, it is projected that at least 40% of cars will use these types of car technologies making it the top stock in the market.

2. Home Inns and Hotel Management

Home Inns and Hotel Management image
Home Inns and Hotel Management have as much as 1,682 hotels in as much as 243 cities. This 2013, travelling is one of the highest growing areas in the world economy. Home Inns and Hotel Management also have as much as 10.6 million active members with a loyal customer base giving it 69% pickup revenue every year.

3. Akamai Technologies

Akamai Technologies pics
Akamai Technologies is a cloud-computing company that sells services to hasten Internet traffic. It consists of as much as 95,000 content delivery servers in 75 countries in 1,900 networks. For technology companies such as Akamai Technologies, stocks are cheap, but they have a high revenue growth of 17% since 2007.

4. Apple

Pic Apple
Apple gets the fourth spot on the top ten stocks in 2013. While everything seems to be going down, Apple had consistently climbed on the stock market.

5. Cheniere Energy

Cheniere Energy picture
Cheniere Energy is the only company that has a license to export liquefied natural gas from the United States. Exports from the United States will make gas prices in Japan lower and this will make the utilization of natural gas to boom when countries are looking for alternatives to nuclear power.

6. Marathon Petroleum

Marathon Petroleum picture
Marathon Petroleum is rapidly gaining its place on the top ten stocks thanks to its role on substituting cheaper mid-continent oil for other more expensive oils. Marathon Petroleum will now begin to grow and make huge earnings out of its trade.

7. First Quantum Minerals

First Quantum Minerals image
First Quantum Minerals has jumped from the 13th place on the top copper producers in the world to the top 5 making it one of the fastest growing copper producers. However, it should be seen that investing in First quantum Minerals will be a bit of a gamble as of this time, despite its 15.6% increase in shares.

8. Whitehaven Coal

Image of Whitehaven Coal
Whitehaven Coal is an Australian coal producer owning seven mines in New South Wales. Investing in this stock allows you to gain more profit from the rising price of coal.

9. Yingli Green Energy

Yingli Green Energy picture
Yingli Green Energy is a Chinese solar stock that is known for its well-financed industry. The shares of Yingli have doubled from $1.28 to $2.44 making it one of the top ten stocks in 2013.

10. Arcos Dorados

Arcos Dorados pic
Arcos Dorados has suffered from a fall last year, but has continuously climbed up since then. The global economic growth makes a huge impact in the Latin American Economy making Arcos Dorados a top pick for stocks.

This 2013, the stock market is going to be more crucial so investing in the best stocks for 2013 can make you yield more output.

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