Top 10 Social Networking Sites

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There has been so much change in the World Wide Web and one of these is the rise of social networking sites that keep internet users connected with the rest of the globe. Before, the online environment has just provided avenues to make information at the touch of the fingertips, but social networking sites have made global connections between people possible. With the rise of these sites, top ten of them continue to attract the interests of many. Here are the top ten social networking sites that keep people informed and connected through the web:

1. Facebook

Pic of Facebook

The top and the largest social networking site we have today is Facebook. It has over a billion of users worldwide making it a huge success. Facebook keeps the first spot for so long because of its user-friendly features as well as the ability of users to create their profiles to practically share their lives to others. There are many other social networking sites similar to Facebook, but this is mostly used for real-life connections.

2. Twitter

Twitter image

Twitter gets the second spot on the top ten social networking sites with over 250 million users. It is a simpler site allowing people to tweet or post their statuses every day. Twitter may not be as widely used as Facebook, but it provides a faster way to reach out to your friends and followers.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn pic

LinkedIn is a professional networking site allowing you to create your own professional profile. It allows you to build your online resume search for jobs and build professional connections. LinkedIn has 110 million users up to this date.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest pic

Pinterest is the most widely used social networking site that uses bulletin boards to “pin” photos with external links. It allows users to post their photos with an end goal of enhancing marketing, business, SEO or crafts. It has 85.5 million users all over the world.

5. MySpace

MySpace pic

MySpace was once the original Facebook, but it still gets the top 5 spot on the top ten social networking sites. It is currently owned by Justin Timberlake and is primarily used for entertainment purposes. It has a total of 70.5 million users.

6. Google+

Google+ pic

Google+ is a social networking site operated by Google with a total of 65 million users. Google+ is mostly used for posting photos or links and enables users to build their circles where they can share their posts with.

7. DeviantArt

Deviant art pic

If you are an artist or an art lover, DeviantArt is an excellent site. It has a total of 25.5 million users.

8. LiveJournal

LiveJournal image

With over 20 million users globally, LiveJournal gets the top 8 spot on the top ten social networking sites. It is an online blogging community where users can create their personal blogs and connect with other bloggers.

9. Tagged

Tagged pic

Tagged is a social networking site that enables users to find people with same interests as yours. It is a similar site to Facebook only that it has additional features of sending virtual gifts to other users. It has a total of 19.5 million users.

10. Orkut

orkut pic

Orkut gets the tenth place on the top ten social networking sites. It is very popular in Brazil and India and has over 17.5 million users. The popularity of these social networking sites also provides online businesses with better opportunities for increasing their sales through social marketing.

In this time of technological rise, social networking sites are expected to gain more popularity in the future.

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