Top Ten Mutual Funds to Invest in 2013

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A systematic investment plan or SIP is one of the best ways to invest small savings every month while having the potential to have bigger profits. In this line, selecting the best mutual funds this 2013 will also allow you to reach a growth on your wealth. Investing in the top ten mutual funds for SIP will give you better ways to increase your wealth through regular investments. The following are the top ten mutual funds that you may consider:

1. ICICI Pru Focused Blue Chip Fund

ICICI Pru image
This is the top mutual fund under the large cap category. It has over 11.5% annualized returns in the past 3 years, which is way above the 5.1% annualized return of other large cap mutual funds. This fund is best for those looking for long term capital appreciation with high returns.

2. UTI Opportunities Fund

UIT Opportunities Fund picture
This is another top mutual fund under the large cap category. UTI Opportunities has been operating for more than 5 years and it has provided consistent and regular excellent returns

3. SBI Magnum Emerging Fund

SBI Magnum Emerging Fund picture
For mid and small cap categories, SBI Magnum Emerging Fund is a top choice for investors. It has a 24% 3 years annualized returns compared to an average of 9% on other small cap and mid cap mutual funds. SBI is best for those looking short term capital appreciation. Investing in this category will require a great deal of risk taking; however, it can offer you good wealth in return.

4. IDFC Premiere Equity Fund

IDFC Premiere Equity Fund image
IDFC Premiere Equity Fund has over 16% annualized returns over a 3 year period under the small cap and mid cap category. It is still beyond the 9% average on other mutual funds making it one of the top ten mutual funds to invest in 2013.

5. HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund

HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund image
HDFC is another top mutual fund under the mid cap and small cap category. It has reached up to 15% annualized returns over the last three years, which will surely help you earn more profit out of your investment.

6. Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund

Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund picture
In terms of diversified funds, Reliance equity opportunities is also included on the top ten mutual funds list. The average annualized returns for diversified funds is 6% while Reliance has as much as 16% annualized returns for the past 3 years making it a good choice for your SIP investment.

7. Reliance Pharma Fund

Picture of Reliance Pharma Fund
Reliance Pharma is a mutual fund under the healthcare and Pharma mutual funds category. This is best if you want to invest under the healthcare or Pharma sectors only. While it involves very high risks, the healthcare sector is seen to continuously rise and can have an excellent growth in the future. It has up to 18% of 3 year annualized returns compared to the average of 7%.

8. SBI Magnum FMCG Fund

SBI Fund image
If you are looking for funds under the FMCG sector, SBI Magnum FMCG fund is the best mutual fund for you. It has 35% annualized returns in the past 3 years making it a good place to invest.

9. HDFC Balanced Fund

HDFC Balanced Fund picture
Balanced funds make investments of as much as 80% in debt and money market instruments as well as equity securities. It is an excellent mutual fund for those who seek higher returns and safety. It involves moderate return investment option and also moderate risk investment.

10. ICICI Balanced Fund

ICICI Balanced Fund image
Lastly on the top ten mutual funds is ICICI balanced fund. It is a good performing mutual fund under the balanced sector and has as much as 12% annualized returns in the last 3 years. The category average for balanced funds is up to 8% giving you a 4% yield on your mutual fund investment.

Investing in mutual funds provides you a good return of investment; however, it is essential to determine the top ten mutual funds so you may put your money on the best place for creating wealth.

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