Top 10 Most Overrated Comedy Movies Ever 2013 List

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Here is a list of ten terribly overrated comedy movies I have ever watched, giving more priority to the ones which released late in the 21st century. Please comment your opinions below.

Most Overrated Comedies Of All Time

Hangover Series #1


I plain hated both the movies, and there ain’t no 2 way about it.

Friends with benefits #2


This might be the most disappointing comedy i ever watched. It’s plot had everything to do with ‘Harry meets Sally’ and many other ‘F buddy’ movies (No Strings Attached). I anticipated it based on the crowd it’s plot attracted, and the moment i put that DVD in – i was killed.

Meet The Fockers (And the Focker Series) #3

Jim Carrey put forth the idea of ‘Fockers’ and that’s the only reason that made me watch this. It was terrible in all of the roots , being a cliche filled non sense. It was easy guessing where the dumb comedies were taking me and i really really hate myself for watching it’s sequel.

Wedding Crashers #4

This movie is so overrated that i want to bang my head against Rachel McAdam’s ugly face. My respect for Owen Wilson was saved later by ‘A Midnight in Paris’

Forgetting Sarah Marshall #5

I am a big fan of Paul Rudd and Jason Segal. After watching the splendid combo of them in ‘I love you man’, I was really happy to Google the internet to find other movies where they get together again. Enter this movie here, a doom of disappointment.

Zack and Miri Make A Porno #6


They don’t make a porno where anything worthy is shown. The jokes were worn out, and the whole idea sunk.

Ted #7

This one is hell with peanuts in it – without clothes.

The 40 Year Old Virgin #8

Film Title: 40 Year Old Virgin.

This is one funny movie, i gotta agree. But the climax and the scenes that made the viewer guess ruined the movie.

Get Him To The Greek #9


The movie started out great and then dissolved into a…….. Threesome with the main guy, the rock guy and the girl guy. There are dumb pointless movies, and i never thought it to be about the mishaps of Axl Rose.

Pineapple Express #10

It’s not even funny.

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  1. Asiru Nasir

    I always like comedy and action movies…. except few all are unknown to me, planning to watch one by one… thanks for your list……

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