Top Ten Medical Schools Across the Globe

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The field of medicine is one of the sought after professions in the world and every family aims a having at least one doctor in their clan. Along with wanting to pursue medicine, you should also consider enrolling at the top ten medical schools in the world to provide you with excellent training and education. The help you identify the best universities in the world, the following are the top ten medical schools across the globe along with the required grades for you to enter the university:

1. Harvard University, USA

Harvard University pic

No doubt, Harvard University stays on top of the top ten medical schools in the world. Its record of accomplishment on being the best university for medicine is still unbeaten due to its word class instruction, award winning practitioners and professors and excellent student services. If you want to be a part of Harvard University Medical School you should have an average MCAT of 36 and average GPA of 3.88. It is a private university that accepts local as well as international students.

2. University of Oxford, UK

University of Oxford pic

The second top medical school is located in the United Kingdom in the prestigious University of Oxford. Just like Harvard University in North America, Oxford University is considered the best university in Europe giving excellent education to all their courses especially in the medical field.

3. University of Cambridge, UK

Image of University of Cambridge

Another university in the UK makes it to the top three medical schools across the globe. University of Cambridge boasts its diverse environment catering to local and international students. Cambridge University also houses some of the best professors and practitioners in the world.

4. University of Pennsylvania, USA

Pic of University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania is another top medical school in the US. To enter the university, you must have an average MCAT of 37 and average GPA of 3.87. It is also a private university accepting international students for a dynamic and diverse medical school.

5. Johns Hopkins University, USA

Johns Hopkins University image

Johns Hopkins Medical School is also a top caliber medical school in the USA producing one of the best medical practitioners not only in the US, but all over the world. Average MCAT is 36 and average GPA is 3.87.

6. Washington University Medical School in St. Louis, USA

Washington University Medical School in St. Louis picture

Washington University Medical School can also be your choice. Average MCAT is 38 and average GPA is 3.91.

7. Duke University, USA

Duke University pic

Duke University in Durham, North Carolina is a top medical school providing affordable cost of living to their students. Duke University is ranked as one of the top ten medical schools by various ranking bodies and sites. It is an excellent university for those who love basketball as well. Average MCAT is 37 and average GPA is 3.85.

8. Stanford University, USA

Stanford University pic

Stanford University in USA is not to be forgotten when it comes to the medical profession. Besides, it also produces one of the best doctors in the world with its interactive and dynamic environment. Average MCAT is 35 and average GPA is 3.81.

9. University of California-San Francisco, USA

UCSF pic

University of California located in San Francisco gets the ninth spot on the top ten medical schools across the globe. They accept international students and it is a public university offering one of the lowest tuition fees in the country. Average MCAT is 35 and average GPA is 3.8.

10. Yale University, USA

Yale University image

Yale University completes the top ten medical schools in the world. If you are certain that Yale University is for you, you must have strong scores with average MCAT of 37 and average GPA of 3.86.

Enrolling in these top ten medical schools will surely give you an excellent background in your future career in the medical profession.

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