Top Ten Consulting Firms in the World

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Are you a new graduate looking for the next consulting firm to be employed? Do you as an experienced consultant want to take a big leap in your career? Then, looking into the top ten consulting firms can help identify your next target company.

Working in a consulting firm provides remarkable benefits in your career. First, it provides a great deal of annual pay ranging from $35,000 to as much as $130,000. Also, it provides you an extensive knowledge regarding companies and other industries. However, working in a consulting firm may also require an unprejudiced and experienced outlook of your own company’s challenges and needs making it a challenging, yet interesting job. If you think you have the capability of becoming the next top consultant, here are the top ten consulting firms that you may want to consider working in:

1. McKinsey & Co.

McKinsey & Co. image

McKinsey & Co. is the top consulting firm all over the world. Consultants in McKinsey are highly sought after and the company is known as “The Firm” when it comes to business problems. With an excellent reputation, consultants in McKinsey & Co. are expensive to hire, but provides excellent consultancy services as well. Clients of this firm include IBM, AT&T, PepsiCo, GE and General Motors Corps. McKinsey & Co. specializes in providing strategic plans for companies. Know more about this firm at

2. Bain & Company.

Image of Bain and Co.

Bain is another top consulting firm in the world given its prestigious consultants. It employs 5,000 consultants focusing on strategy consulting. Visit them at

3. The Boston Consulting Group

Image of The Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group competes with McKinsey & Co. and Bain in terms of the top consulting firms in the world. The firm takes pride with providing individualized strategies to their clients using unique solutions. The company also uses their BCG matrix, a special tool used to understand the market share and profitability of a company. It employs 4,400 consultants. Discover more about this company at

4. Monitor Co.

Pic of Monitor Company

Monitor Co. is a consulting firm in Cambridge employing 700 consultants. Monitor is an excellent firm providing large merit bonuses to their consultants so you might as well consider applying in this company. Visit them at

5. Arthur D. Little

arthur d little pic

Founded in 1886, Arthur D. Little is the oldest consulting firm in the world. This consulting firm specializes in technological issues employing scientists and engineers as their consultants. It is geared towards scientific solutions to company issues. Contact them at (617) 498-6933.

6. Booz Allen & Hamilton

Booz Allen and Hamilton pic

If you want to work on a government setting, Booz Allen & Hamilton is an excellent consulting firm. The company employs client management and focuses on the implementation phase of the recommendations to ensure that all aspects are made to work. It employs a large number of  consultants of up to 22,000. Know more about them at

7. Mercer Management Consulting

Mercer Management Consulting image

Mercer Management Consulting is one of the youngest consulting firms in the market. It provides four major expertise areas including transportation; financial services; communications, information and entertainment and manufacturing. Working in this company offers stock portions as well as excellent health benefits. Know more about Mercer at

8. AT Kearney

AT Kearney pic

AT Kearney is another strategic consulting firm focusing on health care, financial, retail and aerospace industries. With its expertise in technology, it is seen that Tt Kearney can take advantage of the current technological rise. Check their site at

9. Mitchell Madison Group

Mitchell Madison Group pic

This is another new, but fast growing consulting firm developed from past employees of McKinsey & Co. it offers services for financial institutions, media, automotive, petrochemical, telecommunication, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. Contact them at their Recruiting hotline: (212) 372-9100.

10. Deloitte Consulting LLP

Image of Deloitte Consulting

Deloitte is another consulting firm focusing on financial services. If you have knowledge and experience in the financial industry, become a consultant at Deloitte. Visit them at

Take advantage of your career or business. Apply or inquire at these top ten consulting firms in the world.

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