Top 10 Best Wireless Routers in 2013

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A router is a device used to connect two or more data lines from different networks. Here we will see the best ten Wireless Routers of 2013. The backward compatible wireless-n routers support IEEE 802.11a/b/g standards. Some of the wireless routers come with two internal antennas to increase reliability. Most of the wireless routers we have listed here can easily support several wireless devices and four Ethernet lines. To ensure the security of your device and bandwidth, routers provide the ability to lock down access. The powerful encryption methods and parental controls also feature the best N routers.

Here we have listed the routers which share similar attributes such as 2.4 GHz band, IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi standards, and dual antennas. Consider router which is not less than an N router while choosing the best router for you. If you have a wireless G router, you can use it to upgrade to a wireless N router. It can provide an increased bandwidth utilization. To make efficient use of Ethernet connections you can use your router which use the Wi-Fi Quality of Service software (QoS) to increase speed. That can prioritize multimedia traffic based on the sensitivity to delay of application to make efficient use of Ethernet connections. To boost speed, wireless N routers can employ MIMO (Multiple-input and multiple-output radio antennae.

Routers feature Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) feature to facilitate the connection of multimedia players. To configure and secure the client devices, routers have a single button WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). All most all routers have a USB device or a CD with it to provide systematic instructions about how to set up your router securely. All these features make easy to use the router.

Consider a premium wireless router to stream HD TV or any bandwidth demanding media. The wireless N router provides fast and reliable internet through Wi-Fi and four Ethernet lines to your mobile phone, game consoles and web-enabled TVs.

Top 10 Best Wireless Routers
  1. Linksys E1200

  2. D-Link Wireless N

  3. NETGEAR Wireless-N

  4. Cisco Valet

  5. ASUS

  6. AirStation High Power N150

  7. Apple AirPort Express

  8. Medialink

  9. Belkin Surf

  10. ZyXEL

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