Top 10 Best Web Conference Services to Meet Online 2013 List

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In our internet world, each and everyone chooses internet to collect consumer feedback and business trends. It is very difficult to travel to a central location to meet those who are responsible for their business’s success and may need much money to do so. So they can opt a web conference service to overcome this problem. With quality video, image and audio you can easily set up a meeting and hold instantly using the web conference service.

If you have a web conferencing service, we can arrange planned meetings and unplanned meetings easily. We can use three different options such as web conferencing, teleconferencing and videoconferencing. It features whiteboard and quick editing for the complete interactivity. Each web conferencing service has a small monthly cost, but it is not higher than the transportation cost. It is possible to record the meeting and can send it for training purposes. A presenter can produce a slideshow quickly and easily. Web conferencing, the common way to hold meetings is really beneficial for business and work at home employees.

Video and Interactivity

An effective presentation and demonstration of visual media is possible through the web conferencing. But that is not transferred through the phone. The best web conferencing service offers numerous features for interactive presentation. The whiteboard of the service can use to highlight and draw images. It is also possible to comment and recognize the presenter and others.

Audio and Teleconferencing

For physical and location-based conference calls and meetings we can use teleconferencing. It should be an equal or improvement to them. If the web conferencing service has a clear audio feature, it can improve the quality of the meeting and make more interactive.


Security is essential for each and every internet based program. The web conferencing program also offers security system. User registration, authentication and  is required to access a web conferencing service.

Top 10 Best Web Conference Services to Meet Online
  1. Infinite Conferencing

  2. MegaMeeting

  3. ClickMeeting

  4. Adobe Connect Pro

  5. GoToMeeting

  6. FUZE Meeting

  7. InterCall

  8. ReadyTalk

  9. WebEx

  10. iLinc

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