Top 10 Best VGA(Video Graphics Array) Cable in 2013

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There are a number of VGA cables are available today. Here are the ten best VGA cable for those who want. All the VGA cable different from another because that can affect the signal. If you want to transfer the analog signals without any interruption you need to have a high-quality cable. If you have a low-quality cable it will affect on image when there is movement on the screen. All the VGA cables listed below have tested according to the criteria below.


First of all, consider the physical construction of the cable. Some cables support a higher display resolution, but can’t transfer higher display resolutions. Some cables have ferrite beads Android shielding and gold-plated HD15 connectors. Those cables can prevent external interference to the signal and improve the connection.

Length Options

Length of the cable is also very important. Different length is needed for different uses, so you have to select a cable with the required length for your needs. To connect your monitor to your computer requires small lengthy cable than the cable use to connect your computer to a TV. Keep in mind that the longer cables have more potential for signal interference and deterioration.

Help & Support

Every user needs to have customer support and warranty from the manufacturer for the product. Most companies offer a support system by offering contact options such as phone support, email support, live chat and an FAQs page. It is also important to consider the length of the warranty too.

Best VGA - Video Graphics Array Cable
  1. Cables Unlimited PCM-2230

  2. dCables Premium

  3. StarTech MXT101MMHQ

  4. Cables to Go Pro Series

  5. Cables to Go CMG-Rated

  6. Rosewill RCW-802

  7. Cables to Go Economy

  8. Belkin F2N028


  10. Belkin F2N028-GLD

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