Top 10 Best USB Flash Drive in 2013

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The USB flash drives are usually small, fast and efficient. Like the secure drivers, the SUB flash drives do not have high-end security features. It is possible to store about 64GB of data on the device. If you have no idea about the size of the flash drive you want. Go through the article, we have classified the drives based on the size that is 8GB to 32GB. This article will give you a general idea of the USB flash drive size.

If you have an 8GB USB flash drive, you can store 1500 MP3s, 4700 5MP images or 500 minutes of MPEG1 video. This flash drive is suitable for those who likes music and want to store documents.

The 16GB of USB flash drive is suitable for those who want to store large number of music files. 16GB is the most common size, you can store about 1000 minutes of MPEG1 video, 3000 MP3s or 9500 5MP images.

To store high-resolution images or HD video, this 32GB will be the best size. It is possible to store more than 6000 MP3s, 6000 10MP images or six to nine HD movies.

Here are the best ten flash drivers. You can select the best one from this list. It will help you to choose the suitable one for you.

USB Flash Drives: What to Look For

From here you can supply up to 64GB of memory. If you have 32GB of USB flash drive you can store 4390 minutes of MPEG4 video and 14,970 5MP images.


Are you looking for a flash drive with USB technologies and basic physical attributes. The newest USB protocol 3.0 is backward compatible with previous technologies. To transfer large number of data between your device and drive, you need to have 3.0 compatible.


The USB flash drive features security software such as indicator lights, write speeds, reported read and more. Some of the flash drives have free online storage capacities, backup software and file encryption.

Help & Support

It is very easy to use the USB drivers. Most of the companies offer a good warranty, so there is no need to fear about any problems. Along with the long warranty the company also offers several options to contact with the company.

Choose the best USB flash drive, because it can increase your flexibility and productivity. If your drive is fast to stream video, you can view the video on any of your device. To store enough video, images and data and to backup your solution you need to have a larger version.

Top 10 Best USB Flash Drive
  1. Transcend JetFlash

  2. Edge DiskGO

  3. Corsair Flash Voyager

  4. SanDisk Cruzer

  5. Imation Swivel

  6. Lexar JumpDrive

  7. Lexar JumpDrive

  8. Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go

  9. Sony Micro Vault

  10. PNY Attach

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