Top 10 Web Hosting Websites with Most Excellent Uptime 2013 list

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You need to have a web domain to publish a website. The numerous data files of a website forms navigable site pages online. Those files store on a data server though a web hosting service and upload to the web to get internet connectivity and to access your site using the domain name you chosen.

For more comprehensive hosting, the web hosting companies ranging from small-scale file hosting. You can do it with database and script support. Here we focus on the suitable services for small and medium sized businesses. Web host provides veriety of hosting packages with varying functionality. All services provide an array of beginner-friendly and advanced features and reliability at low cost. Check out the articles on web hosting, side-by-side comparison  and the best web hosting services such as Just Host, iPage and Go Daddy in the market.

Op hosting providers can vary greatly. They have the fundamental functionality of internet connectivity. You want to consider some factors while looking for a service. Here are some of those factors to consider.

Hosting Package

The monthly service subscription is provided by the web hosting sites at different price points and varying levels. Integral hosting components such as bandwidth, disk space and domains will be available in all packages. Some services provide bandwidth, unlimited server storage and number of domains while others have fixed allotment for these factors.

The selected hosting package will depend on the type and number of website that you want to host. For simple website, a smaller and affordable web hosting package is enough but, you need to have a robust hosting package for multiple sites or for professional website to meet your needs.

Best Web Hosting Websites


An array of featurs should be provided by the company to create, publish and maintain your website. You need to have a website builder to create a website easily. For easy management of sites you need an integrated control panel. Among all these features you should have a one-cick installation of support apps. It also features an e-mail functionality with unlimited email address and your domain name, spam filters and autoresponders.

The advanced supplementary features are required by all of us but, it requires experience in programming languages and in web design. The advanced supplementary features include a script library, customizable error pages, custom cron jobs and raw access logs. The ample server access option should be available in the best web hosting sites. If you have a cheapest web hosting company. It provides only an unlimited FTP accounts, secure shell access (SSH) and .htaccess. if you have experience with shared web hosting providers, then it will be difficult to consider the web host’s usability. The intuitive and user-friendly interfaces of the services will help you for easy website management.

Tech Support

There is a chance to occur technical problems in site management and web site hosting at anytime. To assist you, it should be available the reps in 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The comprehensive resources will be available from the small web hosting services. It can make you familiar with their service and works. Go through the given sites to get your site up and running.


  1. HostGator

  2. Go Daddy

  3. Just Host

  4. iPage

  5. MidPhase

  6. Globat

  7. Network Solutions

  8. MediaTemple

  9. BlueHost

  10. DreamHost

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