Top 10 Best Typing Tutors to Learn Typing Quickly 2013 List

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Want to speed up your typing skill? Here are the ten best typing tutors for those who want to learn typing quickly. The best time to develop the typing skill is before establishing the improper techniques and bad habits. To teach students to type correctly and quickly, the web-based programs are being used in schools.

All these typing tutorials listed here are different from traditional software. Each of these typing tutorials is really useful for students and teachers. You need to have only an internet connected computer to access these web-based program. Teachers can assign homework by controlling all the aspects of the program. It is also possible to adjust the account of each student to match their skill level. To develop the basic keyboarding skill, the online computer typing lesson will be the best. All the popular and best typing tutors will come with numerous games and lessons with an entertaining interface to enjoy learning.

The best typing tutors also provide complete control over the activities. It can use to create password-protected customize profiles. Some of the tutorials group students with their skill level. The tutors can target the weaker skill areas of the student and give customized lessons to improve the weaker areas.

Exercises & Tests

Some of the most important aspects of the typing programs are the practice activities, lessons, and skills tests. If you are looking for the best typing tutorial, just go through this article. All the given tutorials teach students, how to type all the letter keys, and numeric keys properly. While selecting the typing tutorial, just test the program carefully. Because some of the program only focusses the basic keyboarding skills not the punctuation keys. The programs which include games can entertain students and can increase efficiency too.

The best online typing tutors come with a number of reporting options and many other services to view the progress of the students on a particular test or lesson or to check the speed and accuracy. It is also possible to print certificates on some tutorials for high results.

Typing Agent
  1. Typing Agent

  2. TypingMaster

  3. EduTyping

  4. Typing Instructor Web

  5. Typing Pal

  6. Custom Typing

  7. TypingAce

  8. TypeFaster

  9. Analytical Eye

  10. Klavaro Touch

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