Top 10 Best Translation Services (Paid and Free) 2013 List

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For the global expansion of business and the accurate translation of wills, birth certificates and other official personal document we need to have translation services. Here are the ten best translation services. The list of the best translation services includes both paid and free services. To communicate effectively and accurately you need to have a translation service which has intimate knowledge of local languages and cultures to enable companies, government and individuals.

If a professional translation company has a multi-level quality control and accredited translators, the company can deliver unparalleled reliability and precision for all the projects. The human-powered translation service can understand the subtle cultural nuances of local languages effectively than the computerized translations. So the human-powered translation can alter the meaning of your translation. Usually the translation service charges a flat fee of all projects. For business, the outsourcing translation project costs more than the hiring in-house translators. All the popular translation services offer diverse services of basic document translation, desktop publishing and software localization.

All the translation companies depend on the type of translation people need. If you have the best translation service, which can translate web content, standard documents and multimedia documents. To boast the service of a translation company they have to do more than the basic document  translation. Generally all the translation services offer certified translation of official documents like adoption papers and precise and accurate translation of the original source document. The cultural consulting and localization testing also offers some companies to ensure the contextually and linguistically in your target country. If you need certified or legal translation, the translation service should have extensive experience with it.

Best Translation Services (Paid and Free)
  1. Net-Translators

  2. Google Translate

  3. inWhatLanguage

  4. Foreign Translations

  5. Dynamic Language

  6. Verbatim Solutions

  7. One Planet

  8. Translation Cloud

  9. JR Language


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