Top 10 Best Touchscreen PC Monitors 2013 List

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How do you spend your time every day? I think more time you send on your tablets, Smartphones or any other electronic devices, right? Did you think why it is like this? The main reason is that these devices are more fun to use. To turn the pages you need just a swish of your finger. It is very interesting that you can zoom in your  images and texts by separating your thumb and forefinger. If you want to use these facilities on your desktop computer just insert a touch screen PC monitor.

The touchscreen monitors can make your desktop computer more advancing and can touch more accurate. It will make your system more beautiful. Some touchscreen monitors will not be practical for a desktop setting. So, it is very essential to have the best touchscreen monitor with more applications support touch capabilities. If you have a touchscreen monitor, you can type directly on the screen without using the mouse and keyboard. To enhance the usability and high-tech feel, you should add the touchscreen capabilities to your monitor.

You must consider the lighting of the screen while selecting the touchscreen monitor. The LED and LCD screens provide the best lighting. The light-emitting diodes in the LED and LCD screens will give you a deeper black. If the touchscreen monitor has high brightness and contrast, it will give you a true black and vibrant color. The best touchscreen monitors feature five millisecond response and they can produce 1080p-quality images. You can play games and watch movies with high resolutions if the monitor features lower response time. Consider the monitor with lower pixel pitch, otherwise your image will crisp. You can view by sitting anywhere in your room if your monitor has a larger viewing angle. It will give you a great experience.

Check out whether the monitor can tilt forward and backward. The good monitor can tilt in any direction. They should have adjustment options to swivel the monitor. Consider the functionality of the monitor and the mounting option during the selection.

 Top 10 Best Touchscreen PC Monitors
  1. Planar Helium

  2. Dell ST2220T

  3. Acer T232HL

  4. Planar PX2230MW

  5. HP Compaq

  6. One World Touch DM-1700-19

  7. Elo 2242L

  8. Elo 2201L

  9. ViewSonic TD2220

  10. Planar PXL2430MW

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