Top 10 Best HD Tablets 2013 List

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Can you imagine the time that the tablets were not available? Now, it is not possible to live without a tablet. They outfitted with numerous features such as video chat, internet capability, capture images and video and access to email. Every one opt portable devices for ease of use. A tablet with small dimensions and lightweight can take with you to anywhere and the stylus pen allow you to easy navigation.

A tablet is a very useful device for students, business professionals and those who love technology. If you have a tablet, you can send emails, take notes, create documents from anywhere at any time. Because most of the best tablets have a responsive touch screen with the capability to obey your commands quickly. It is also possible to capture images using the built-in camera and you can make a video chat too.

Here are the best ten tablets of 2013 for you. This article will help you to choose one which suits you best. Consider the actual need that you want to achieve with the tablet while selecting. Select a tablet with video chat capability, high screen resolution, strong graphics, multitasking capabilities, internet access, and long battery life.


The top products should feature a camera, built-in e-Reader, music player, GPRS and video chat capability. You must consider the operating system of the tablet, because the best operating system gives you a feel for the navigation and interface.


Check out the available hardware of your tablet. While considering the hardware you must include the processor also. Because some processor may not have much speed. So, ensure that your processor has enough speed that you required. It is also important the amount of memory. To store large number of music files or any other documents, photos, videos you need to have enough memory space on your tablet.


Choose a tablet which has a responsive touchscreen with high display resolution to view photos and movies. If you like to play games, higher resolution display will be better. The portable device is easy to carry anywhere, so select a lightweight tablet to take it with you.

Ease of Use

Some tablets will not be so easy to use. Before going to select a tablet check out how easy to use the product. Some of the new tablets have a built-in stand for easy viewing by holding up the product. For easy navigation, you can use the stylus pen instead of your fingers.

Top 10 Best Tablets
  1. The new iPad

  2. Microsoft Surface

  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

  4. HP Slate 2

  5. Nexus 7

  6. BlackBerry Playbook

  7. Sony Xperia Tablet S

  8. Motorola Xoom

  9. Asus Transformer Pad Infinity

  10. Kindle Fire HD

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