Top 10 Best Spy Cams (Mini Pinhole Cameras) 2013

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Are you looking for a spy cam? Take a look at this article to know about spy cam and ten best spy cams of 2013. Spy cams are relatively small in size and have a lens and microphone to capture video. Spy cams will be an independent and fully-functional device. There is no need to have any hookups or external wires to record video and capture photos in certain occasions.


Most of the spy cams come with a portable and inconspicuous design. Consider the size, appearance, design, and basic functionality of the camera before going to purchase. Evaluated the depth, width and height of the camera and check whether the camera is made of durable material or not and is it possible hands-free recording. Some of the spy cams have a particular design with the capability to enhance convenience like webcam functionality, sound-activated mode (VOX) and an audio capture feature.

Video/Image Output

The spy cams can’t deliver a high-definition video due to the miniature size. However, the spy cam can produce a clear video with distinguishable movements and actions and intelligible audio. Consider the video resolution, file format, minimum lux rating and frame rate to select the best spy cam. Also consider the image resolution because, some spy cams can capture still digital photos too.


You must consider the memory capacity of your spy camera. If your camera offers more memory, it can store more data. A spy cam should contain a memory card. The type and capacity of the card must be considered to select a new spy camera. Some spy cams have built-in memory card and others have a card slot. The high-rate spy cams offer adequate storage consumption and high memory capacity.


Battery specification is also very important in the selection process of the best spy cam. The  most commonly used battery type in the self-contained spy cam is Lithium-ion batteries. They are lightweight and powerful than any other batteries. If you have a camera with a long battery life, you can record video continuously for a long time.

Top 10 Best Spy Cams (Mini Pinhole Pen Cameras)
  1. Muvi Atom

  2. Mini Spy Button Camera

  3. SW361 ThumbCam

  4. GD2705 Mini Recorder

  5. Muvi Micro DV Camcorder

  6. uCorder IRDC250

  7. DV2-B Easy Shot Clip

  8. Pocket Pro II Camcorder

  9. Clock Motion Detection Spy Camera

  10. MP3 Player Pin-hole Spy Camera

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