Top 10 Best Social Networking Websites starting with Facebook 2013 List

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Social networking website is one of the best media to create and reconnect real-life friendship with your current friends and old friends. Now it is very difficult to see the one who does not have an account on any social networking sites. With a social networking website, the member can share their images and interests with others. It is possible by joining groups and forums. Through social networking people can establish business contacts and find a job. In simple, social networking websites are very useful.

Each and every social networking websites come with several features. Now the members can reflect their personality by desing profile page themselves. Music  and video sections are the popular extra features available today. This feature makes to watch music videos, listen to favorite songs and to read bios of favorite music artist from the profile page of the artist. The video section includes numerous movie trailers and TV clips.

Top 10 Best Social Networking Websites


The profiles of the users can be considered as the heart and soul of every social networking websites. You can design your profile page attractively, and can post photographs and express your feelings and thoughts in it. User’s profile has great importance in all popular social networking sites. It will be very easy to use. A good and perfect profile can reflect the personality of the user.


Normally, it is very dangerous to post personal information on the internet. Because of the security problem, people hesitating to post their personal information on the social networking sites. Now, you can set your profiles to private in certain ways. All the social network sites come with this feature to protect their users or members. In certain occations you can block and report users in the social networking sites.

Networking Features

All the popular social networking sites are equipped with several networking features. In addition to update pictures and post profiles the websites come with video uploads, music section, groups, forums and many more.


Social networking websites are generally used to expand relationships by searching and finding friends. So we need to search for new friends. All popular social network offer an easy and safe environment to search for members. You can search a member by using their name, school, city and email address.

  1. Facebook

  2. MySpace

  3. Bebo

  4. Netlog

  5. PerfSpot

  6. Badoo

  7. Friendster

  8. Zorpia

  9. hi5

  10. Orkut

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