Top 10 List of Best Paulo Coelho Books 2013 List

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Paulo Coelho doesn’t need a description. The 65 year old Brazilian is an illustrious lyricist and the author of several international bestsellers. The Alchemist, as you probably know, is his most notable work.

According to what I have read in his semi-autobiographical book ‘The Zahir’, young Paulo always wanted to become a writer. But his mother wanted him to learn from his father and do a ‘reasonable’ thing. Paulo had to agree with his mother, kept aside his dream of becoming a writer, and joined a law school. It took not much days for him to realize that it was not his thing and so he dropped out of the school. Then he traveled. A lot. Europe, South America, North Africa… I don’t know the full list, but know that his long travels eventually brought him to doing drugs. After returning to his hometown in Brazil, Coelho made his living writing and composing songs. Later when he found that he can only find the true satisfaction in writing, he stopped what he was doing until then to become a full-time writer.

I’m a big fan of his weird thoughts which sometime resemble that of mine 😉 . However, I hate to read the part of his books where he goes too much spiritual, dwelling on how faith in God helped him at his bad times. Not only because I am an atheist, but also because he sounds slightly obtuse when he express his opinion about the deity. However, he is one inspirational author for millions of readers around the world and I hope this list will help them find the next Coelho book to read.

Best Books by Paulo Coelho

Best Books by Paulo Coelho

1. The Alchemist

One of most widely read book ever. A book that made huge following for the thoughts of Paulo Coelho. This book of Coelho is famous for its simplicity and inspiriting wisdom about life. Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy is the protanist who travels to Egypt from his hometown in Spain in search of a hidden gem.

2. Brida

Brida is the story of a young girl from Ireland, in search of knowledge. Though she had already acquired some knowledge in magic, she gets hungry for more and starts her quest. Quite an inspiring and interesting read.

3. Veronika Decides to Die

My personal favorite book of Paulo Coelho. His viewpoint about life, madness and masturbation was really interesting and the second half of the book had a great pace.

4. Eleven Minutes

5. By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

6. Aleph

7. The Zahir

A book that tells the story of the author so transparently. The complete story is a roller-coaster ride through his emotions which I found really interesting, but not many, as the book is not well-rated everywhere.

8. The Fifth Mountain

9. The Devil and Miss Prym

10. The Witch Of Portobello

That’s it! If you find this top 10 list helpful, please make sure you submit your comment below.

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