Top 10 Best LCD Projectors

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Today, the most popular type of LCC Projector is available in the market. Here we have listed the ten best LCD Projectors. All the projectors mentioned in the list are high quality projectors and the price of the projector fits most people’s budgets. Today, LCD projector has a vital role in schools, colleges and home theater rooms to show presentation. The size, resolution and share of the LCD Projector vary according to the large variety of uses. The LCD Projectors we have listed here are high-end LCD Projectors. They can produce clear pictures in all situations because they are large in size. Almost all LCD Projectors listed here are intended for home theater use. Depending on the intended application, LCD Projectors can vary. You can evaluate the projectors based on the criteria below.


Each projector has a lamp in it. You need to replace the lamp if it fails. So consider the LCD projector with a long lamp life, otherwise you need to spend much amount to buy new bulbs. Noise level is also very important to consider while selecting a new LCD Projector. Because, in home theater rooms it will be a huge distraction the face noise. Try to select an LCD Projector which best suits you.


Consider the brightness of the projector too. If there is no enough brightness, it is hard to see the picture. Too bright and contrast also suffer, so you have to care about the brightness. If there is no ambient light on the screen you can adjust the brightness level as low on your home theater projector. Choose the projector depends on how big you want to project your image. Most of the projector, project images up to 200 inches.

Higher resolution also has an important role in the selection of an LCD projector. If the projector is only to watch Blu-ray movies or for slide shows, it doesn’t matter high resolution. Contrast ratio is another important factor, you can see the pictures well in lighter conditions if you have a good contrast ratio. Sometimes you may want to keep the projectors some other places. In such situations your projector must have keystone correction.


Sometimes you need to connect many devices to your projector. So, you need to have a projector with plenty of connections. Most of the best home theater projectors have one or two HDMI connections. Make sure that, your projector has both HDMI port and composite video ports.

Help & Support

If you have no idea about how something works, then you need to have technical support and help. Technical support and help options will be available from good online providers. They offer email, phone number, downloadable user manual and FAQ pages to support and help you.

Top 10 Best LCD Projectors
  1. Epson Home Cinema 8350

  2. View Sonic PRO8200

  3. View Sonic PRO8100

  4. Epson Home Cinema 8100

  5. Sanyo PLV-Z700

  6. Sony VPL EW7

  7. Canon LV-7385

  8. Hitachi CP-X4020

  9. Hitachi CP-X467

  10. Sanyo PLV-Z3000

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