Top 10 Best HTML Editor Software in 2013

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The application software HTML editor is for creating web pages. You have to consider your needs while selecting the best HTML editor for you. Then only you can fulfill your needs. There are two types of HTML editors, one is the visual HTML editor and the other is the text HTML editor. The visual type features a drag-n-drop pictures. You can use this option to build your site through image placement. The text type is actually for writing the site. Here are the ten best HTML Editor software available today. All these software have user-friendly features and maximum capabilities. Let us go through the criteria considered to select the software to this list.


HTML editors have the standard features like a spell checker, line numbers that anyone should expect. The latest HTML editors are really feature-rich and have large programs. If you have an excellent HTML editor, it should have standard features and built-in browser, internet access, ability to preview the page and an auto-complete function. It is also possible to switch back to the text editor from the visual editor.

Ease of Use

The coding language is not known to everyone. So the latest modern  HTML editors are flexible and easy to use anyone.  The best HTML editors include the ability to change the layout of the workspace, finding the way around the program, how easy it is to install and zoom for easier viewing of particular areas.

Help & Support

Comprehensive help and technical support is very important for HTML. If you are a beginner, you have several options such as program help manuals, developer’s option and tutorials to help you learn HTML. The developer’s option provides technical support for HTML. The available help also includes website creation support for web development, the large, helpful community.

To make web development exciting, fun and adventurous you can use any one of the following HTML editor software. All these features a fantastic support system and well-rounded features.

Top 10 Best HTML Editor Software in 2013
  1. Adobe Dreamweaver

  2. CoffeeCup HTML Editor

  3. Komodo IDE

  4. Expression Web

  5. phpDesigner

  6. BestAddress HTML Editor

  7. CSE HTML Validator

  8. EditPlus

  9. Web Studio

  10. TopStyle

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  1. Howard Johnson

    They have not updated Web Studio in a very, very long time and it is very klunky, slow and buggy in many ways.

    (I have several web sites and so won’t list them all.)

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