Top 10 Websites for HTML and CSS Templates (Free and Paid) 2013 List

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Like to create a good looking and unique website? There is no need to be a web designer to make it possible. A web designer can produce websites within a small time using the website template services. You can produce a unique and browser friendly product or company specific sites using the website template services because, it offers different types of customizable websites from standard HTML sites to flash websites to auction compatible sites.

Compatibility: the compatible file types are included in all the downloadable website. Those work with Dreameweaver, high resolutions PSD type image files and other HTML type editors. The compatible file types also work with Mambo or blog services like WordPress and common protocols or services like Joomla.

Customization: you can alter the professional templates and for other clients you can alter it again.

Cost effective for designers: a website design template include unlimited downloads and cost less than $100 per year. So you can keep your clients happy with small investment and by saving hundreds of man hours.

Cost effective for small companies: to create a website you can hire a website designer but, it cost thousands. Normally, the professional web designers create site template and sell for a very low price or for less than $50 for simple website templates.

Website Add-ons and Resources: the best website templates include free or low priced add-ons such as music, 3D animations, ad banner templates, stock photography, buttons and more. You can create a site effortlessly.

Template Monster
  1. Template Monster

  2. Allwebco Design Templates

  3. 4 Templates

  4. Website Templates

  5. Buy Templates

  6. Flash4layouts

  7. TemplateRover

  8. PixelMill

  9. BoxedArt

  10. DesignLoad



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