Top 10 Best Gaming Computer Devices for Hardcore Gamers 2013 List

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Do you like to play games? This article is for those who likes to play games. Here we will see the best ten gaming computer devices. Normally, people those who likes to play games are prefer to play fast-paced games with detailed graphics. So, the high-end graphics cards and the lightning fast CPUs are the main factors in the powerful gaming computers. While playing first-person shooter or online role-playing games.

The gaming computers come with processors, high-end graphic cards and RAM to enhance your gaming experience. You have to consider some important factors while choosing a gaming computer. First of all you have to consider your needs. The individual customization by the manufacturer will help to fit your gaming style and budget.

Most of the games require a powerful video card, so it supports video card. NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards are the common amongst gamers. For most high-end games, 1GB of video RAM is enough to do the job. You can easily locate your enemies with the sound cards. It is capable of reproducing 5.1or 7.1 channels of sound.

You can draw billions of polygons with the video card. Because the fast CPU supports the video card in it. If you have the best gaming computer, you should have a powerful quad-core or six-core processor in it. The peripherals of your computer is depending on your needs. Some of them have uniquely designed towers with neon lights and custom paints. If you have a gaming computer then you need to have at least one high-speed optical drive. Here are the best ten gaming computers for you.

Top 10 Best Gaming Computer Devices for Hardcore Gamers
  1. Cyberpower Black Pearl

  2. Digital Storm Hailstorm

  3. Velocity Raptor Signature Edition

  4. CyberPower Cobra

  5. Maingear Shift

  6. Origin Genesis

  7. AVA Direct Xeon 5600

  8. Maingear X-Cube

  9. Alienware Aurora

  10. iBuyPower Paladin D875


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