Top 10 Free Tools for eCommerce 2013 List

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Generally, store owners look for free online tools while starting their eCommerce stores and many have requested for a list of such free marketing and analytics tools. Personally, free tools may not be the best resource and hence, I’ll list some of the powerful yet free tools and platforms available online.

Below are some of the free tools that help eCommerce retailers in improving their sales, conversions and the look & feel. As social media is rapidly evolving and it substantially benefits online sellers, a special reference about social media tools is given in this article.

Top Ten Best Free eCommerce Tools

Top 10 Free Tools for eCommerce

1. Heat Map

Heat maps helps in identifying the visitor hotspots on your store and as a result you can focus on the areas that your customers pay most attention to. One of the tools I use is Labsmedia’s Clickheat. ClickHeat is OpenSource, released under GPL licence and is free of charge.

Social Tools

2. ShareThis

ShareThis helps in proliferating web pages on different social networks. ShareThis button is an all-in-one sharewidget that lets users to share any content on web with friends via e-mail, AIM, or text message. ShareThis also helps in tracking the sharing trends providing meaningful insights. This tools can be particularly helpful in promoting startic pages such as blog pages and specific content pages.

3. Owned it

Social marketing is gaining increasing attention due to its results. One of free and most comprehensive tools for creating customer centric social campaigns, is Owned it. Also one click install plugins are also available for the most popular eCommerce platforms like Magento, Opencart, osCommerce, Shopify and ZenCart.

4. Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights provides all of the analytics data related to your Facebook page for tracking growth and impact. This will help in better understanding your fans and reaching the right audience.

5. TweetDeck

It is a great tool that arranges feeds from all your social networks in one place. Using TweetDeck you can also schedule tweets and set-up customizable feeds for your social search needs.

Google tools

6. Google Alerts

As the name implies, it will alert you when new content from news, web, blogs, video and/or discussion groups matches a set of search terms selected by the user and stored by the Google Alerts service.

7. Google Keyword Tool

Google keyword tool is one of the most popular tools among digital marketers. It is important for a store to research, implement and test different keyword iterations to identify the combination that is most effective in bringing targeted traffic and results.

8. Google Analytics

Google analytics helps in generating detailed statistics about the visits to a website. Recently additional features such as real time visitor stats as well as conversion tracking were introduced. Also, the social media reports measures the social impacts on the business and conversions.

9. Google Sitesearch

Is is google hosted search solution uses Google’s core search technology, that prioritizes or restricts search results based on websites and pages you specify. Your Custom Search Engine can be tailored to reflect your point of view or area of expertise. If your store is big and bulky it can provide a superior experience and an increased conversion

10. Free Templates and Graphic Resources

You can find a lot of free templates and graphic resources online and Smashing Magazine is one of the places you all should bookmark. the content is useful for both developers and designers alike.

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