Top 10 Best External Blu Ray Drive in 2013

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The external Blu Ray drive is designed for portability and to provide high definition videos. These portable devices can provide an entertainment while using a computing device. But that cannot be found everywhere. You have to consider some important factors before going to take the final decision about purchase of external Blu Ray drive.

Feature Set

You have to select an external Blu Ray drive with a number of ports available, the type of connector used and the supported configurations to use the devices easily. The number of ports and type of connector help to reduce the hassle of dealing with multiple cords and unknown cables. It is also important that you want to consider the dimensions of the drive while looking for an external drive. Select the slim one to make your life easy.

Read/Write Speeds

Everyone prefers to have a faster device. So choose the best one which can read and write data onto Blu-ray, CD and DVD devices at a powerful speed. Some devices have higher speed on the device only. These do not have higher recording power and disc rotation speed to achieve a strong data transfer.

Technical Support

Most people don’t know how to use these drives. If there are any hardware malfunctions, problems or questions you need to have technical support. You can use an external hard drive if the device have higher reading and writing speed, strong features and no hassle technical support. Then it will give you the best experience using an external Blu-ray drive.

Top 10 Best External Blu Ray Drive
  1. LaCie

  2. Asus

  3. LG

  4. Buffalo MediaStation

  5. I/O Magic

  6. BUSlink Slimline

  7. Velocity

  8. Plextor.

  9. Aluratek

  10. EZDigiMagic

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