Top 10 Best VoIP Providers for Cheap VoIP Calls 2013 List

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Do you know anything about VoIP? It is a kind of technology and the VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This technology can convert voice communication into digital data. It is transmitted over a packet-switched network or over the internet. There is no need to have a traditional analog phone line to make telephone calls if you have the VoIP technology. Because you can make calls using the high-speed internet connection.

While making phone calls using the VoIP technology you need to connect your home phone with the internet. To do so, almost all the VoIP technologies provide a phone adapter with it. After connecting your phone with the internet you can start dialing. It is also possible to place the phone calls with the internet-connected tablet or Smartphone through the proprietary app of your VoIP provider or through the computer with microphone and speakers. Here are some of the best VoIP providers to make cheap VoIP calls.

For small businesses and consumers this VoIP service is more reliable and alternative. As compared to the conventional phone system, the VoIP phone system is very cost saving. This system charges cheaper international rates and lower monthly fees. Most of the VoIP services offer numerous calling features for the users.

Depends on the service plans and features the VoIP services will vary. So you need to select the appropriate serviced by considering your needs, then only the service can fulfill your needs. You want to consider some important factors  while searching the best VoIP service for you or your office or home.

Service Plans

Before going to choose a service you have to consider the service plan. Because the charges for the plans may vary depend on the VoIP provider. The VoIP service plans are generally flexible and comprehensive. If you have selected the most suitable one, then you can make many calls without worry about the charges. Most of the plans offer international calls, unlimited minutes, and the option to keep your existing phone number when you sing up. VoIP providers offer additional service to sign up for business users. They can sign up for a toll-free number, add additional lines, and also send and receive faxes.

Calling Features

Most of the VoIP phone plans offer several calling features like caller ID, voicemail and conference calling. Among all these features, the best VoIP service features 411 directory assistance, e911 and call transfer. The e911 feature helps to transmit your geographical location automatic and name to emergency responders.


Ring Central Professional
  1. RingCentral Professional

  2. Skype

  3. Net2Phone

  4. Phone Power

  5. Lingo


  7. ITP

  8. 8×8

  9. Vonage

  10. Comcast

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