Top 10 Best Anti-Keylogger Software 2013 List

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Here are the ten best anti-keylogger software. All the anti-keylogger software mentioned here are evaluated with the following criteria:

Ease of Use

The installation and uninstallation of the software is very easy on the computer. Only few mouse clicks is enough to uninstall this software from your computer. To set rules, to enable and disable the software and for user preferences it provides intuitive user interfaces.


The performance of a good anti-keylogger will be consistent. This software can block all the instance which contaminates keylogger and can encrypt keystrokes and cause issues with traditional security products like antispyware and antivirus applications.


The anti-keylogger software protects the keystrokes of the user from being monitored and have a full resource of system defenses. The anti-clipboard logger, anti-Windows text logger, anti-screenshot logger, anti-webcam logger, and the anti-sound logger are some of the additional features of anti-keylogger.

Top 10 Best Anti-Keylogger Software 2013 List

Internet Protection

During online banking, exchanging emails and bill pay, the anti-keylogger encrypt and protect the keystrokes of the users. If you have to preform online financial transactions, then you need to have Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection.


While selecting an anti-keylogger solution, want to consider the technical support availability and product upgrades from the manufacturer.

The best Anti-keylogger software provide an additional layer of internet security. While selecting the best anti-keylogger, you have to confirm that the software can fulfill your needs. You can select the suitable one from the list given below.

  1. Zemana AntiLogger

  2. DataGuard AntiKeylogger Ultimate

  3. GuardedID Premium

  4. CoDefender

  5. PrivacyKeyboard

  6. Anti-Keylogger

  7. KeyScrambler Premium

  8. Advanced Anti Keylogger

  9. Keystroke Interference

  10. KeyGuard! Hack Proof Security

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