Top 10 Best Android Apps 2013 list

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Here we will see ten best Android Apps. Which includes new as well as old apps. They ranged from browsers to basketball tweet-o-meters, to photo editors. It is essential to pass down to others. Let us go through the article to know all these apps.

 Top 10 Best Android Apps


Press is a beautifully designed reader application built with the latest design guidelines of Android. It can use to swipe to new categories or articles. To display RSS folder from Google reader you can use Press app. This app costs at $2.99. Once you tried Press you can’t think about leaving.


It is a free app, you can preform so many things using this app. Which can use to link to a web page, transfer things between your phone and computer and a last minute reminder note or file. In your browser you can simply install an extension in Chrome using this PushBullet app. The things those you like can push to your phone through the browser by installing the free parter Android app. It is one of the best apps to quickly transfer your works to your phone.

3.Sliding Messaging

The Sliding Messaging app has an innovative design of the stock text messaging app. It is something like a text messaging and a dying form of communication. You can make use of the app in favor of Google Voice. The finicky-ness of Google Voice does not help to happen it completely. It should be your text messaging app, because you can use the Android design guidelines with the incredibly polished swipe-navigation system. This app is priced at $0.99 only.


This is the best as well as a free app to find a good deal. It does not confuse with the deals on garbage apps. You can use this app to see the complete price history of an app. It will allow you have much information as the Google Play store gives. This is the best app to find the best deals.

5.Google Music

I think you already know about this app, because it is not a new one. This is one of the best apps to store songs. With this free app you can store up to 20,000 songs. It only needs to have a bit of polish from Google. Now some people can’t live without this music app, because the app can power their runs.


Pocket is an oldie app to save web pages to view and read later. So, formerly the app is Read It Later. Because sometimes we can’t read the web pages completely so we can save it and read it later. You can use this app on all PC browsers, phones and tablets. This free app is very easy to use, especially in the morning.


It is for those who are into the customization side of Android. This app offers a set of wallpapers from this vast internet. Which includes a black and orange dots wall. Tersus is one of the best apps I have ever used and it costs at $1.49.

8.Pixlr Express

This Pixlr Express is an editor to edit pictures and make it is so good and help to post and share into social networks with your friends and family. This is a free app and it is from Autodesk Inc. this app would be a fantastic choice for those who need to have an ultimate photo editor for on-the-go photo tweaking.


It is a simple and straight forward app and give all the information about new movies. This is a movie app like IMDb. It will give you all the details about  the latest movie coming out and the theater which is playing. It is really a free app for you.

10.Google Voice

Google Voice is a free app to load all the phones under a single number. To do this you have to install this Google Voice and want to add and confirm the new number to it. Now you can use it as the same phone you had been using for years. With this app you can send free text messages. It is really an important app to our lifestyle. It is not a bad thing that the voice mail which plays to your email Inbox or on your device.

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