Top 10 Best eBook Readers that are Affordable 2013 List

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Do you have the habit of reading books or magazines? An eBook Reader will be better for you. It can store numerous eBooks and can take it to anywhere. You can save time that you need to purchase books from stores. If you have an eBook reader and a Wi-Fi connection then you can free to download classic books and purchase eBooks from anywhere at anytime. There is no need to go to bookstores or order through online to purchase books.

Now, verity of eBook readers is available in the market. By considering the features and design, you can select the one which suits you best. There are some other factors those you want to consider while purchasing an eBook reader.

If you want to take your eBook Reader always with you then, you need to consider the battery life at first. You can choose an eBook Reader which has the capacity to cover a good number of pages on a single charge. The memory capacity of the device is too important, you have to check the storage capacity of the device.

If you want to enjoy reading books, it should have some extra features such as image formats, audio formats, apps, text-to-speech feature, grayscale levels, internet surfing, email etc.. Here are the best ten affordable eBook Readers for you. All these have the features we have mentioned above. The eBook Reader will take you to the world of reading and it will be convenient for you.

Top 10 Best eBook Readers that are Affordable
  1. Kindle Fire HD

  2. Nook HD

  3. Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light

  4. Kindle Paperwhite 3G

  5. iPad Mini

  6. Nook Tablet

  7. Kobo Glo Wireless eReader

  8. Nook Color

  9. ECTACO jetBook Lite

  10. Android Smartphones

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