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Top 10 Best Movie Trilogies Ever Made 2013 List

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The best movie franchises with 3 movies. Franchises like Terminator is avoided only because the plague of the third struck it (Rise of the machines? You should be kidding :D) Star Wars #10 Later, i can only talk about this later. Later when I’m silly enough to be watching this great trilogy. I don’t know […]

Top 10 Most Overrated Comedy Movies Ever 2013 List

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Here is a list of ten terribly overrated comedy movies I have ever watched, giving more priority to the ones which released late in the 21st century. Please comment your opinions below. Most Overrated Comedies Of All Time Hangover Series #1 I plain hated both the movies, and there ain’t no 2 way about it. […]

Top 10 People Who Are Popularly Mistaken As Atheists 2013 List

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This list is not against atheists. I don’t know if there is anything wrong in going an atheist, so don’t take any offense. I’m not a strong believer myself but I cannot standardize my stand inside the words which are agnostic and atheistic. Mark Twain #1 Mark Twain was never an atheist, even though I […]