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Top 10 Free Tools for eCommerce 2013 List

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Generally, store owners look for free online tools while starting their eCommerce stores and many have requested for a list of such free marketing and analytics tools. Personally, free tools may not be the best resource and hence, I’ll list some of the powerful yet free tools and platforms available online. Below are some of […]

Top 10 List of Best Paulo Coelho Books 2013 List

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Paulo Coelho doesn’t need a description. The 65 year old Brazilian is an illustrious lyricist and the author of several international bestsellers. The Alchemist, as you probably know, is his most notable work. According to what I have read in his semi-autobiographical book ‘The Zahir’, young Paulo always wanted to become a writer. But his […]

Top 10 Best Soccer Clubs in the World as of 2013

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Ranking football clubs is too much of an effort to make, for most soccer fans will not accept any list to be fully accurate, no matter how unbiased it is. And I do welcome arguments in the comment section below! 🙂 As the title suggest, this list is for the year 2013; giving more priority […]

Top 10 Must Watch Christmas Movies 2013 List

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The festive season of Christmas has always witnessed more Hollywood blockbusters than any other time of year. In these days of celebration, you will stumble upon a hell lot of movies in the big screens; of which only a handful of them satisfy the viewers. These are movies which not only portray Christmas, but also […]